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The Chamber of Attorneys competent for our Law Office is:
Chamber of Attorneys of Braunschweig

Tax ID No.: DE237007161

All persons on this page indicated as attorneys carry the professional title "Attorney-at-Law of the Federal Republic of Germany".
The decisive set of regulations for this law office are:
Applicable professional regulations and provisions according to
§ 5 sec 5 (c) TMG:

• Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung (BRAO)
• Berufsordnung der Rechtsanwälte (BORA)
• Fachanwaltsordnung (FAO)
• Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz (RVG)
• Standesregeln der Rechtsanwälte in der Europäischen Gemeinschaft
• Berufsregeln der Rechtsanwälte der Europäischen Gemeinschaft (CCBE)
These regulations are available in German and English language on the website of the German Federal Law Association (Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer) under the heading "Berufsrecht".

Professional Liability Insurance

Our lawyers’ professional liability insurance is with Allianz-Versicherungs-AG in 10900 Berlin. The territorial extension of our insurance covers activities in member states of the European Union.

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